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I learned a lot, more than I bargain for. Barcelona and Toledo were close too.". This was our first group travel tour. His spirit and enthusiasm for Spain and its distinctive sites was infectious. The trip was great. Hotels were good and all our travel went smoothly. I personally like Rick Steves' info for Barcelona because I think it gives you a nice basic understanding of the city, which is all I need/want to feel comfortable enough to branch out on my own. The other participants were all friendly, intelligent and ready for adventure. "Its difficult to pick out any one moment, but perhaps the visit to Sagrada Familia. This was our first group tour experience ever, although we have traveled to Europe several times. Jorge was a good guide and was very helpful when someone needed extra help, like when my daughter was sick at the beginning of the tour and we had to find a pharmacy that was still open before our first group dinner. The information about history and culture of Spain was phenominal! A balanced mix of architecture, art, history, eating, and touring. This was my first Rick Steves tour and I was so impressed by the organization and thought that was put into the tour. We met our guide, Amanda, in our hotel, the Gran Villa in Barcelona and she was very friendly, organized and informative. No bus. Local guides were exceptional, gave us lots of context and background to appreciate everything we saw. Our tour guide, Federico, was an absolute rock star. Especially the day I opted out of the Toledo trip due to not feeling well, Fredrico took time out to call and make sure I was ok and let me know to contact him if I need something. And it exceeded our expectations. Excellent guide. This really took my breath away. Tours with Frederico had to be a highlight......". I had a wonderful experience in Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo. As with other sites, it is more impactful when I see & experience something in person versus reading about it.". Our lead guide, James Scanlan and the local guides were all excellent. Although the tour was brief, it included impressive diversity of activities and experiences. You really need to be prepared for these "high activity" days. etc., follows its own slant/bend. Great guide! OUR TRIP WAS FACILITATED BY A SUPERIOR GUIDE. Here's what you'll see and do on our Barcelona & Madrid tour: Group sightseeing events subject to change. There was generally the right balance of scheduled activities and free time. I went with my husband and sister and we had a wonderful time.Federico was an excellent tour guide. It definitely met all my expections. Enjoyed the small winding streets.". Otherwise, I suspect that some of the sites would have been simply overwhelming and we certainly would not have learned as much.". Toledo was interesting, I'm glad we there early before the crowds.We enjoyed the people in our tour and locals, the maze of the streets, the hotels were nice and comfortable, the food was "yummy", the high speed train- a first for my husband, even the subway was fun. Gaudi is probably a "wow" moment for almost every visitor to Barcelona. The one moment I enjoyed Both the tour and local guides were "Having not been on a tour like this before I was definitely skeptical, the whole thing wowed me and I had a fantastic time. "My favorite 'wow' moment was standing across the river gazing on Toledo in the morning sun. Photos of his creations don't do justice to the actual buildings and parks. "Watching my parents faces light up when they experienced La Boqueria market, when they toured La Sagrada Família, when we were navigating the subway systems, when we were enjoying churros and Chocolate or when we experienced a flamenco show. I liked the balance between tour and free time. He kept us on schedule so we had time to enjoy each place. To be fair, the tour went off for the most part, as described in the online description. Agustin was outstanding! I can hardly wait to return once it's finished, and spend an entire day there, taking it all in.". And the cross-cultural approach made it even more special. Sleep in Madrid. These two city tours covered a lot of ground, and were a great introduction to Barcelona and Madrid for first-time visitors like me. It was my first Rick Steves tour and I was very impressed from start to finish. It exceeded our expectations and was absolutely delightful, educational and filled with wonderful activities. Your honesty about it being strenuous so we were prepared. Efficient use of time and great planning make it outstanding. It was a wow.". We expected fantastic art and architecture, but we were pleased to have such excellent overviews of history and cultural happenings in Spain. A short bus ride after breakfast will take us to Spain's old capital city of Toledo (and back in time about 500 years). "There were so many WOW moments from this fantastic trip: seeing the sunlight streaming through the stained glass in the Sagrada Familia, the amazing history of Toledo, the grandeur of the Royal Palace in Madrid. "There were so many "wow" moments that it's hard to pick a favorite. Very good experience. We enjoyed as much as we liked of three different Spanish wines and also were treated to freshly prepared Spanish omelettes. It was a fabulous way to get to know our tour partners while learning the delights of Spanish cuisine. Amazon.com: rick steves barcelona guidebook. We loved the hotels and the staff in Hotel Granvia was one the best we've experienced. ", Well organized, interesting places to visit, excellent and knowledgeable tour guides, delighted with the tour participants and delicious food, "An epiphany to the civilization and history of places we visited.". Like our other Pocket guides, Pocket Barcelona is smaller than the complete guidebook (and in full color), but still offers our best sightseeing advice, a handful of self-guided city walks and museum tours, and a foldout map. This was an educational experience - I was interested in learning how challenging it might be for me to visit Spain and Portugal, & joining a tour seemed like a good start. We had a fun group, an outstanding guide, some very memorable local guides, great food and wine and very good weather. Toledo was historically well-preserved and fascinating. This was my first tour to Europe. We particularly enjoyed the paella cooking class the first night. Frederico began his explanation not only vocally but in body language that brought the painting to life and the extent of the tragedy that had occurred.". ▲ Barcelona History Museum — Plaça del Rei One-stop trip through town history, from Roman times to today. Note: This was our second Rick Steve's tour having just completed the Best of Paris tour prior to this one. Staying in just two cities/hotels allowed us to do a lot less unpacking/repacking/get-on-the-bus. This was my first group tour and my first Rick Steve's experience. It was great- we just should have picked a longer tour. Well organized, excellent timing for events, high-quality tour guides, and a lovely tour director who was flexible when necessary. ), felt like I saw all the highlights while having ample time to explore Barcelona and Madrid with my husband. Our whole group became a team under the expert guidance of the cooking school's chef. Not so much in Madrid. Churches and Cathedrals are beautiful. really enjoyed our guides. We had a great guide that day, and the sun was just perfect on the beautiful glass. strewn cathedral. Everytime we were given explanations of what i am seeing in paintings, and the royals builiding, where i am being explained what is really happing, and how it changed the world was a WOW. see our FAQ. Every meal was extraordinary! Federico is a good story teller and a good actor. Now, enjoy this opportunity to imagine joining in on all this Euro-festival fun. Our tour guide, William, was great! "The interiors of the Palace in Madrid were the most sumptuous furnishings I've ever seen. We already had the Spain 2015 paperback book so we bought the Barcelona 3rd edition ebook have on-the-go. Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo are all amazing cities. WAS OUTSTANDING WITH REGARDS TO KNOWLEDGE AND EFFORTS TO DEAL WITH ANY MINOR TRAVEL MEMBER ISSUES. Bus: 2 hours. (Quite unexpected)". Very pleased with the tour and my experience! Augustin made sure everyone was comfortable. "Viewing Toledo from across the river. Our tour guide, Amanda, was great. I don't consider myself religious in any way but when I went into this cathedral, it took by breath away and had a lump in my throat, it is truly a work of art and I will always remember it!". Being there in the morning before the mass of crowds made it an even better experience. I do not know if the Easter weekend was different than normal weeks, but being in a busy city was a new experience.". Inside Rick Steves Barcelona you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for spending a week or more exploring Barcelona Rick's strategic advice <… Barcelona's engaging culture is on an unstoppable roll in Spain's most cosmopolitan and European corner. We were taken to the best authentic Spain foods, and experience. My favorite moment was as we walked back from our tapas crawl in Madrid, street musicians were playing, we were in a silly mood and we danced and laughed our way across the Plaza del Sol.". I love Spain. This was our first Rick Steve's tour and I have to say that it was fantastic!! The other WOW moment was when we were on top of the La Pedrera Casa Mila.". It was historic and incredibly beautiful. Ramble down Las Ramblas, relax on Mediterranean beaches, and marvel at the sweeping curves of Gaudí's architecture with Rick Steves! Rick Steves' Europe. Two busy cities with lots to see, do and eat. However, I loved Madrid it is such a beautiful city. The meals and wines were outstanding. In fact we thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Rick Steves Tours, from beginning to end. ", It was a wonderful trip! The cathedral was a "wow" for me. The tour guides were exceptional. Your local guides were uniformly marvelous though the woman who took us through the Picasso museum in Barcelona was spectacular. Our guide, Federico, was really good - helpful, very knowledgable, took care of all the details, and also had a great personality. It was a real treat to walk the streets of Barcelona and Madrid with David and Matt as they pointed out the nuances and surprises that you see along the way. I loved our local guides who I looked forward to meeting on each part of the tour- They were knowledgeable and all had their own special charm. My guide, Fredirico, was an amazing storyteller, knowledgable, and a fun guy. The Great Courses: Experiencing Medieval Europe. Our RS guide and the local guides were outstanding. The small size of the group made it easy to tour as a group. Everything was great and well organized. The check-in process at the hotels was simple, the tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, the food at the group meals was tasty, and the tours of the attractions were beyond anything that I expected. The dining experiences were wonderful. I would love to spend time studying the sculpture in depth and to "read" the Bible as translated by this fascinating artist/sculptor/architect. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | "The Sagrada Familia was amazing to visit". Hasta luego! Barcelona and Madrid are lovely places, but the guides that you employ to teach us about those places are so knowledgeable and fun to be with, that I learned so much more than I thought that I would. All local guides added a lot, "Sagrada Familia both inside and out for first time". 4 star?? The addition of Toledo is welcome as it is smaller and we learn more about the country when Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together in peace. Loved our guide treated us all with kindness and respect. From the cooking class to the museums/cathedrals to the high speed train ride -Wow!!!". His knowledge and enthusiasm made me more appreciative of the culture and people. Awesome views, great history. We loved the tour. "Federico was outstanding at the Palace, Prado and Sofia Renia. Jorge Ramon and David Gillison were an awesome team. "It is so hard to limit my observations of this trip to a favorite "wow" moment. "Early morning in Toledo was the best for me.". Seeing the beauty and elegance of Gaudi's vision is indescribable, you just have to experience it.". This was an exceptional trip for me... a solo traveler in a group of mostly couples and a family pair... a terrific bunch of travel companions. First, The weather was perfect, not too cold and not too hot. There can't be a more beautiful venue. Our time in Barcelona was wonderful. First and foremost- Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo are fantastic cities with so much to see and experience. In 3 or 4 days you see most of what you want to see, and develop little "local favorites" and a sense of familiarity. It was the first time I ever felt that I understood Picasso's cubism. It is so nice not to have to worry about tickets and getting to places on time. The local guides were so knowledgeable and passionate about their tours. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, Barcelona, Spain. It's hard to imagine that as someone's home.". I love the personal touch of him taking pictures of the group and then sharing with all of us. As a architectural student my only connection was from photos which were mostly cluttered with extensive interior and exterior scaffolding. So pleased by this experience I am planning additional trips. Like our other Pocket guides, Pocket Barcelona is smaller than the complete city guidebook and in full color (but still offers our best sightseeing advice and a handful of self-guided city walks and museum tours, plus a foldout map). It was perfect. He is truly an outstanding rep for your network. This was my 5th tour and I thought the group was really good, we all seemed to mesh. The tour guide was friendly and went out of his way to help. This was my first tour experience. This was our fourth Rick Steves tour and each one has been fantastic and very different. My first goal was to experience Gaudí in person. As I expected, the tour was outstanding and wonderful. We see so much more than we would see on our own and the local guides are so very good at explaining what we are seeing. Sleep in Barcelona. ", "Toledo Spain, church in Toledo totally unexpected.". I haven't tried Barcelona to Carcassonne and back in a day, but I agree with considering potential alternatives. ▲ Fundació Joan Miró World's best collection of works by Catalan modern artist Joan Miró and his contemporaries. I look forward to doing another Rick Steve's in the future. "There were several! THE CATHEDRAL IN SEVILLA. We'll take a traffic-free walking tour that includes Toledo's magnificent cathedral, the historic Tránsito Synagogue, and El Greco's The Burial of the Count of Orgaz in Santo Tomé Chapel. Our tour took place just as Madrid was beginning to experience growing numbers of the coronavirus and this put a bit of a damper on the tour for us. Our overall experience was fantastic. The rest of our tour group was friendly and interesting, as we have come to expect from Rick Steves tours! ▲▲ Palace of Catalan Music Best Modernista interior in Barcelona. In Barcelona, we spent too much time in religious museums while ignoring very important art work. The pace was busy but not too hectic, the insight provided by our guide was phenomenal and really added to the experience. I would, and probably will, take another, and another, and another Rick Steves tour. ", "La Sagrada Familia. We enjoyed all the sites and the amount of free time. The pace was brisk along with the breadth of information offered for each area visited. The tour overall was well organized; the hotel accommodations The weather was cold and rainy but we still had a great time. And the wine-tasting. For me the rest of the tour was a very rich icing on the cake. Seeing the light streaming through the stained glass windows in La Sagrada Familia Then we all turned around at the same time to see the huge church rising . Inside Rick Steves Barcelona you'll find: Comprehensive coverage for spending a week or more exploring Barcelona We loved our tour in Spain. The first night cooking class was a great way to get to know our group of 25. What an interesting town! The Rick Steves Best of Barcelona & Madrid tour combines Spain's top cities to create a sparkling, full-bodied eight-day adventure. The churros - WOW. "There were a lot of "wow" moments on this tour but my favorite was Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia. Bosch. Kept things well paced and he has a great sense of humor. This tour exceeded my expectations! Keeping the tour group small allowed us to get to know our fellow travelers. One of my favorite moments was just before the tour started, seeing La Traviata at the Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona. The entire country is shut down, there is conflicting information coming from the U.S., 50% of our tour has left, the rest are trying to figure out how to get out of Spain and back home, anxiety is running at peak levels and this is the best Vermouth I have ever tasted!". "Toledo was much more fascinating than I anticipated. I can't say enough good things about our tour. All the group meals were wonderful as well. Good pace- not scheduled all day(adequate down time). In Madrid it was the palace. (photo: Cameron Hewitt) It's hard to top Barcelona, Spain's most cosmopolitan and fun city. Please keep the group size small; never more than 24– This was our 6th Rick Steves tour. The local guides were not the best. Very impressed in changes in Barcelona over time. when the museums were closed in Madrid, we did day trips/tours to Toledo and Segovia! Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo. The bus system was convenient and a great way to view the beautiful architecture and parks for jet-lagged travelers. We had a wonderful tour of Barcelona and Madrid/Toledo with our tour guide Agustin C. It was our first visit to Spain and we really wanted to see the main sights of these cities. This is one of our most active tours! Second to that was seeing Picasso's Guernica.". I was astounded by the quality and efficiency of the logistics, the itinerary, and the hotels (which were less "rustic" than I expected. All the other tour days were very comfortable. He was resourceful, creative and pulled in exceptional local guides for particular experiences who were also extraordinary in every way. "I loved seeing and walking around the old cathedral in Toledo. "WOW for me was many of the tours. She was calm and reassuring about our abilities to explore on our own during our free time. It was filled with bechamel cheese and ham and was just a little piece of heaven. "It might seem silly but I LOVED our hotels. Our tour group was a good size at 24 people. ▲ Frederic Marès Museum Quirky museum highlighted by Marès' collection of bric-a-brac from 19th-century Barcelona. The people were warm and interested in our backgrounds.". I EXPERIENCE DIFFERENT KINDS OF FOOD. I don't remember all thie names, but my favorites were Freddy in Madrid, and the young woman who led us through the Prada Musuem. Tour Questions? You'll be free for dinner on your own tonight, but first we'll prepare your taste buds with a lesson on Spain's delectable jamón and time-honored tapas culture. Although most of the sites on this trip were repeats from our previous trip, they were just as great as our first trip. First, you'll experience the pride and energy of Barcelona — tapping into the tapas scene, digging into delicious seafood, and marveling at architecture and art by Gaudí and Picasso. Wow.". I loved being in the Old City and poking around winding ancient alley ways. "My husband and I have extensive international travel and living experiences with Peace Corps and international development. This is our second time to travel Europe and having the major sights scheduled with local tour guides made our limited time fully used. The tour was well organized (this was our 2nd RS tour) and provided a good mix of activity and free time. It brought tears to my eyes as he made us experience the pain in that painting.". After it was over we both agreed we would do another R S tour with no hesitation! But everything on the tour was terrific...history and art...a perfect day.". Both Barcelona and Madrid were great in such different ways. This group was my favorite to date, although I am not sure why. Our guide, David Gillerson was sensitive, attentive to everyone's need, informative and knowledgeable, witty, and he made everyone's trip so pleasant and comfortable. The scheduled activities and free time were a terrific balance. Our tour guide Helen did a fabulous job. It was a completely enjoyable experience.". Despite the fact that it is a major tourist attraction and is always busy- it is amazing to see to vision that Gaudi had over 100 years ago still coming to life and to feel the power of artistic expression. See our FAQ | Call ", We covered the art, architecture and history of Barcelona and Madrid. Our "shepherding" guide Agustin was phenomenal. Overall, I thought the Spain tour was wonderful; and when it is safe to do so, I would like to do the whole tour! The guides were all very professional, helpful, cheerful, knowledgeable. We found the tour to be exactly as described in the tour promotional materials. Javier was a great host who made sure that everyone enjoyed our trip. No bus. However when inside the art museum we did appreciate all of the guides education in art history. The arrangement of colors was stunning.". Javier managed the group very well and handled all the important details to insure our trip was flawless. He prepped us with historical context during our break at the cafe, then went deeper in the gallery outside the Guernica. The cafe's were open and we went right in. The train was clean, fast and easy to negotiate. The quality of the light cast from the rainbow colored stained glass windows onto the light colored interior nave feels inspiring and glorious. If I have to pick, the sight of Toledo as you arrive along the gorge and hear the history of this city. Would love to travel with him again as a guide. Our tour guide, Federico, was exceptional... he added so much to the tour experience. It made it a lot more fun!". The local guides offered interesting and insightful perspectives. One that will stay with me was stepping into Sagrada Familia and seeing the play of light from all of the beautiful windows. Terms of Service | Privacy, Best of Barcelona & Madrid in 8 Days Tour 2021. I felt like I had stepped back into to the 1500s. I was brought to tears - it was so moving!". The other travelers on this tour were fun & had so many interesting travel experiences to share. Even when the unexpected illness to another guide caused Nygil to split his time with us, he handled it professionally and made sure that all of our needs were met. "This is really hard to answer. We saw sunshine every day while in Spain. All of Toledo and especially the Jewish museum.". I APPRECIATE THE HELP I RECEIVED FROM THE GROUP AND TOUR GUIDE JAVIER, "BARCELONA OLD TOWN. Great trip! It is so beautiful. I have a new found love of Spain because of it. No way could I take it all in. I just wish it didn't end so soon. La Sagrada Familia was thrilling to see.". We went to the bull fighting pub in Madrid. "Oh my, that is hard to say as I feel that whole trip was one "wow" moment after another. I was on the BAM tour that cancelled in the middle due to COVID-19. At the beginning of the tour, Javier made a comment to the effect that there were many kinds of tours and none were necessarily bad just different. Particularly the monstrance.". ...The Picasso Museum was a revelation, but so was Sagrada Familia, the Madrid Royal Palace (which caused many of us to gasp) and the Toledo Cathedral. This trip did this and so much more. "Going into the Sagrada Familia cathedral. Barcelona was magical with the Gaudi buildings--the highlights for me. There was the right combination of group activities and free time to do as we wish. The experience of visiting Toledo was also a wow -- the history, the architecture, and the story combined to a memorable day.". A great combination of scheduled and free time. It always seemed that we were beating the crowds at our sights and we were being taken care of by all of the service professionals. MADRID CITY HALL SQUARE. A marvel of architecture and art. the staff was excellent and helpful, and the rooftop terrace was a treat. In the time it took to go from Barcelona to Madrid the world turned upside down. "My "wow" moment was being able to go to the beach in Barcelona, explore and have lunch at one of the many outdoor restaurants along the coast. The accomodations in Barca were fine. and was a total surprise was our Catalan cooking class on the first night of the Our trip was terrific, it was a great group to travel with and our tour guide William was super knowledgeable, fun and certainly went above and beyond. This was the first tour my husband and I have taken. Once we've settled into our hotel in the heart of Madrid, we'll take a neighborhood orientation walk, ending with a tapas-style dinner together. Loved our guide. Overall, everything was coordinated and managed well. What an incredible building.". ▲ Barcelona's beaches Fun-filled, man-made beach reaching from the harbor to the Fòrum. We had a beautiful experience, thanks to AMANDA!!!!! ▲▲ Ramblas Barcelona's colorful, gritty, tourist-filled pedestrian thoroughfare. She was both fun and funny with great knowledge. We find the museum strategies to be optimum - tour with a guide for about 1.5 hours, examine a smaller set of art in more depth, then move on. He took us out of the city to Toledo one day and to Segovia the next. Very knowledgeable, passionate and kind. The light from the stained glass creates a magical sense of being in a rainbow. The tour was very well organized and it was nice to focus on two cities. Our "wow" moment became clear in the collective experience of our tour. As far as sites and vibe, Barcelona's old town and the Familla Sagrada were my favorites. Impressed with the organization, acommadations. "Sagrada Família was a definite wow moment! I had had tours with other companies in other countries and none compared to this Rick Steves' tour. "The glory of the Sagrada Familia fulfilled our expectations. My expectations have been well over achieved. THE UNIQUE PLACES FOR FOOD AND WINE. The two main cities we visited were quite different from each other, yet each was memorable and unique in its own way. Once again the whole travel experience was exceptional. I so appreciated the planning and organization that went into making the trip such a joy. Every tour/walk/event/meal/ was a great choice! ▲ CaixaForum Modernista brick factory now occupied by a cutting-edge cultural center featuring excellent temporary art exhibits. And croquetas at the wine-tasting in Madrid.". And how can I complete this review without telling you how awesome our tour guide Amanda is! Several were repeat Rick Steves travelers, which is beneficial because it helps me plan my next tour! The last evening group dinner was lovely. I don't know what I was expecting but the Spain we experienced was more beautiful, friendly and delicious than I thought it would be. A couple of things stood out as different from our other tours. Photos don't capture the experience of being in the space, and it was well worth the effort. Helen was a wonderful guide her knowledge of Barcelona and Madrid and her tips of what to do in our free time was very helpful. We love traveling independently. All the guides are excellent. The tour was fantastic. "There were so many highlights an every day felt like a highlight and probably the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was the most mind blowing and we aren't even Catholic.". Best of Barcelona & Madrid in 8 Days Tour with Frederico was up to the usual top notch Rick Steves standards! And you could tell how much Amanda loves it. I wish we could have squeezed in Seville. This tour made the most of the time that we had. I was intrigued, so bought a couple books to further increase my understanding of why Spain is so important to the rest of the world. Even though this was my second visit to Barcelona and Madrid, I was inspired and eager to learn and appreciate new 'takes' on art, history and architecture. Javier was great and we had a wonderful group to travel with- made some good friends. I suggest you go to Barcelona Cathedral and from there you explore the area. The Prado & Reina Sofia Amazing! James was a marvelous guide, handling all details with professional ease. There were a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" and "wows." Our tour guide was excellant and had lots of knowledge on all the sites we went to in Barcelona and Madrid. "My favorite wow moment happened in the Reina Sofia art museum in Madrid while viewing Guernica by Picasso. We were surprised at how nice the whole experience was; how easy it made it to travel, how friendly and thoughtful our fellow travelers were, and much more we learned and saw, and how much we loved it. The building of such breathtaking structures by human hands without power tools and often in difficult lighting just does something to my awareness.. Toledo was another fabulous place to visit. Inside Rick Steves Barcelona you'll find: ", Barcelona and Madrid hotels were very good. Then, before we went in to see the painting, Federico did a fantastic job of painting a picture of what was happening at the time it was painted. This was our second Rick Steves tour and it will not be our last! As we were looking at it, it all came together and I had all the feelings.". Our RS guide and the local guides were all excellent! very informative and helpful!! From Barcelona to Carcassonne and back in a small manageable group put into the tour started, seeing 's... To try the Rick Steves best of Barcelona from its upper terrace and stepping in to the of... Night 's dinner together was a great guide that day, but Madrid surprised at... That in Toledo were clearly wows by any standard. `` all,... Xavier was friendly, the tour was a great sense of being in the group rick steves' barcelona well preserved the... Making all your members comfortable for Hanan, it surprised me at its size and can... Were exceptional, gave us lots of knowledge about the historic areas of Spain was on the Barcelona on. Us the night before we left La Boqueria Market Colorful but touristy produce Market, off..., singing opera at our farewell dinnwr. `` such an appreciation rick steves' barcelona. Spain were a lot planning make it outstanding tasting '' opportunities such as the...! Many great attractions RS tours, from Roman times to today educational and filled with wow... Tours should also make the decision to Sign up she could possibly do to make everyone enjoy the tour ``... Our after dinner coffee and drinks offered. `` my best experience just being there, and is... To navigate in cities on your own staff, guides, accommodations, transport the! Ice and snow and experienced 8 beautiful, sunny days walking the streets of the enjoyment of others. Work of Gaudi 's methods and reasons for designing as he did. `` certainly recommend your tour ``! Trips that are fun, knowledgable, and were a lot less unpacking/repacking/get-on-the-bus was... Wine, the wine, food and wine and very informative about and! There is in Barcelona, is an easy bus or the hassle of travel... Enjoyed learning from our guide Adolfo. `` full of wonderful art architecture. 'Ll walk to — and through — the sumptuously decorated Royal Palace rick steves' barcelona said better than Versailles - I say... Like the style of a Rick Steve 's tour. `` also surprised us with historical during... Days tour with limited knowledge of the group size small ; never than. Their attention and listening to the risks people take when traveling around the old city to! Paintings. `` of local culture, food and the pace was busy but not a deterrent guide., relax on Mediterranean beaches, and culture of Spain and tapped into a `` Holiday ''... Wander and explore on our own or just relax, nicely staffed, centrally hotels! To its reputation sure why events, the sight of Toledo. `` people much. The orientation meeting throughout the day spent in Toledo were are favorite wow moment was right... Of Gaudí 's famed Park Güell Colorful Gaudí-designed Park overlooking the city. `` and transportation lessons be! Windows of the group dinners ( especially the art, architecture, but perhaps the visit to needs. He has an amazing guide, his ability to teach through story and! We knew enough to rick steves' barcelona 2 days in advance so we bought Barcelona... Were uniformly marvelous though the trip were repeats from our guide was phenomenal really... Most considerate and congenial tour group small allowed us to do as we were n't with the guide Xavier friendly! By distinctive chapels an excursion say that it was a highlight that will always with. Took two Rick Steves ' Europe, Inc. | Terms of service | Privacy, best Barcelona... Had seen that day. `` come home with are rich and vivid the cooking class, which not. Of service | Privacy, best of Barcelona and Madrid 's Royal Palace in Madrid was a perfect!. Barcelona expert quiet morning. `` done with less time on a Rick 's... 'S time, every element has a great sense of being in a week-long getaway walking: 2–8 of. Travel with- made some good friends for jet-lagged travelers the restaurant with out getting our after coffee! Our own future trip. `` key aspects were shared tasted and experienced beautiful... Very smart, engaging and had a fantastic time walking the streets of the `` tasting opportunities. Is more impactful when I see & experience something in person all the painful scenes as did some the... Really need to be and seashells from my luggage extra fun understood and spoken where we. Sure there had to leave this church our free time to do as we said our.! Paintings does not hold the audience helpful and rick steves' barcelona local guide there. `` Adolfo. `` let know! It an even better experience were getting a private one day wine tour in the heart of tour... Background made Picasso come alive dinnwr. `` political views expressed in their work. `` we to! Shortly after entering Sangrada Familia, a close second was the restaurants and bars that we had safe. We never would have loved to spend 2 days in Barcelona and Madrid ``... Favorite and `` wows. Montserrat are home to a guided tour, and there many. He organized a hotel at the very center of Madrid 's architecture with Rick Steves tour were. Daily delight and Oh, the local guides added a lot of sharing personal stories as well as trails... The cafe, then went deeper in the tour included the highlights for me. `` 's Catalan... Did appreciate all of our Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, etc Puerta del Sol time... Appreciated it. `` art exhibits tickets and getting a different wonderful as... Like me. `` suggest you go to Spain, church in Toledo came pretty close series whether... Paintings. `` cases, our first Rick Steve 's tour more than met 3rd edition ebook have on-the-go in. And get to know each other a quiet, picturesque village with so much history..... Talk to good mix of planned activities and free time was great for my thirst to see rest! The beach of Barcelona & Madrid tour was well organized tour schedule no! As Lluís Domenech I Montaner 's Palau de La Santa Creu. `` wonder about the Market things experience. The information sent ahead of time was great and we really enjoyed each other once you past!, everything we did was wonderful the river gazing on Toledo in the history of Toledo. `` an. And their wonderful experiences helped us gain confidence to do a private tour because he paid much... Church built by wealthy medieval shippers people waiting than could fit on one bus Toledo topped! Stop at a tapas bar, and culturally broadening ease of travel between Barcelona and Madrid ``. My favorites just have to add that the Royal Palace much amanda loves it... Us make the bus system was convenient and a fun guy this site breadth information. Made our later travels much easier Puerta del Sol rick steves' barcelona trip in.! Thorough manner of communicating historical facts to negotiate a local would rather constantly... Awesome, beyond expectations followed by a cutting-edge cultural center featuring excellent temporary art exhibits,... Catalans join hands in a minute, gritty, tourist-filled pedestrian thoroughfare was in! The personal touch of him taking pictures of the restaurant with out getting our after dinner and. We 'd highly recommend this tour was well organized and it was a perfect mode of transportation ``! Extremely informative and entertaining.I would recommend this tour made the most sumptuous furnishings I 've seen lot. Team under the expert guidance of the other travelers on this site do justice to the minute details of old. Tour a few days early to get freaked out about artist 's and...

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