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You'll see the rise and fall of Greece's various civilizations: the Minoans, the Mycenaeans, those of Archaic Greece, the Classical Age, and Alexander the Great, and the Romans who came from the west. As you observe the chain of islands dramatically swirling in 360 degrees, you can understand why historians believe that these Cycladic Islands got their name from the way they make a circle (or a "cycle") around this oh-so-important little island of Delos. And those once-formidable walls now seem only to protect a fun-loving tourists' mecca and a vibrant artist's colony. With each port you've got sightseeing options: You can take the organized tour and be on their time table, or, you can hire a private guide. This was one of the Aegean world's finest cities. Get inspired with Rick Steves’ recommended places to go and things to do, with tips, photos, videos, and travel information on Greece. We'll enjoy the magnificence of ancient Athens — marvel at the wonders of the Acropolis, savor some tasty Greek street food, and check out the premier collection of ancient Greek art. As we enter the historic harbor, the walls of the fortified town seem to tell a story. Its superb harbor is surrounded by an amphitheater of rocky hills. In 1843, a riotous crowd jammed this square demanding a syntagma (or "constitution"). At the foot of the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora (or "marketplace") sprawls out from its surviving temple. Because the priests debriefed those seeking advice on the state of their homelands, Delphi became the data base of the ancient world. Wear good shoes, and bring sun protection and plenty of water. This place has been known as Constitution Square or Syntagma Square ever since. If visiting by cruise ship, it's smart to get an early start. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. It's an exciting springboard for the Greek Isles. Walk once around fast for a time-lapse effect, then go around again for a closer look. Capitals grew bigger and bigger to an absurd size when finally they supported entire temples. Most visitors find that two hours on the island is plenty to wander the site and see the museum; add more time if you want to climb Mount Kynthos. But when the Greeks won their independence from the Ottoman Turks in the early 1800s, they chose little-but-historic Athens to be their capital. Santorini is a dramatic island — the rim of a volcanic crater with spectacular vistas. Rick: So people from all over the Greek-speaking world came here. These mansions survive today as grand old hotels, embassies, and museums. see our FAQ. Greece is cheaper than ever. Travel with Rick on this video guide to Athens, Greece and find out what to do on your next trip. Colorfully costumed evzone guards stand at attention at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and periodically do a ceremonial changing of the guard to the delight of tourists (guards change five minutes before the top of each hour, less elaborate crossing of the guard around :25 after, full ceremony with marching band Sundays at 11:00—get there early as they may start a bit before 11:00). Delos was important in three different ancient eras: first as a religious site, then as the treasury of the Athenian League — that was sort of the "Fort Knox" of the ancient world. This time I thought I'd take you on a little cruise. Originally protecting a temple of Athena, today the acropolis is mostly the crumbling remains of a Crusader fortress built by the Knights of St. John. For drinks, sit out front on the porch. See the Travel Details above for recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick's guidebooks. We're sailing to three iconic Greek islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes. We're catching one for a windy survey of the island and to be dropped off for a scenic hike back into town. Because the knights were from aristocratic families they had lots of money and lots of power. Crowds would gather in shady porticos like this to shop, socialize, or listen to the great philosophers of the age. About five centuries before Christ, Athens was the center of the Western world. Rick Steves says it’s time to go to Greece and we’re going to Ithaca for our June Greek Island Yoga Retreat. Arrive early or late to avoid the crowds and midday heat. Its capital is Athens. This point, where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet, is famously windy — long powering windmills. Honeymooners find the B&B of their dreams…and savor breakfast in unforgettable settings. The island of Delos was one of the most important places in the ancient Greek world, with temples honoring the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Along with its beaches, Mykonos offers a major historic attraction. Centuries before Christ, Delos attracted pilgrims from across the Western world. With all its traffic congestion above and nearly a million Athenians zipping smoothly underground every day, the system is a godsend. It's on an uninhabited neighboring island, a 30-minute shuttle-boat ride away. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, The worst lines are caused by the bottleneck of people trying to squeeze into the site through the Propylaea gate. While cruisers may miss evenings in port, what they do get to experience are the evenings at sea — whether it's a dance party by the pool or quietly enjoying the full moon and anticipating new adventures tomorrow. The iconic row of sphinx-like lions still heralds the importance of the place. The resulting Sanctuary of Apollo reached the height of its power between the sixth and the fourth centuries BC. In a few minutes they're pulling up the gangway and I'm back on the ship. Instead, donkeys do the heavy hauling today just as they have through the centuries. While it's traffic-free, if you need to get somewhere you can always hop on what's nicknamed the "Lindos taxi." The flow of people into the sprawling city continues, and four million people — roughly one out of every three Greeks — call Athens home. Colin was worried I’d be bored. Antonis: You can still drink if you want. But, even with four ships in the harbor today, there seems to be plenty of room. As it was in ancient times, Piraeus is still the port of Athens. Parnassos, was not a city. There's no right or wrong — it depends entirely on your mood and your style. Valiantly battling the acidic air of our modern world, it still stands with the help of on-going restoration work. How to remember all these? The king gave a balcony from this speech. The Easter greeting here in Greece, “Kalo Pascha,” literally means “good passing” — a passing from sadness (the Crucifixion) to happiness (the Resurrection). Because Santorini's pier is small, giant cruise ships drop anchor and tender their passengers in on small shuttle boats. In this sampler of Greek isles we'll enjoy their fascinating history, inviting beaches, and dramatic beauty. Dedicated to Athena and Poseidon, this was one of the most important religious buildings on the Acropolis. Penny: Exactly. Welcome aboard! Punctuated by romantic nights at sea, our itinerary promises plenty of unforgettable sightseeing. You can do the archaeological site and the museum in either order. Lindos is the most beautiful town on the island. The king gave a speech from this balcony, granting his people — whose ancestors invented the concept — democracy. We're riding a Flying Dolphin — one of the fleet of speedy hydrofoils that zip from Athens to the islands, and from island to island. There were fine mosaics — like this one of the god Dionysus riding a panther. A trove of funerary art from the royal tombs of Mycenae shows treasures from a society that thrived around 1000 years before the days of Socrates and Plato. Approaching an exotic and fabled island like Santorini — as the moon sets and the sun rises, just kissing the lip of the breathtaking cliffs — is worth getting up for. Rick: So what are we cooking? While we could fly or take a local ferry, this time our mode of transportation is a cruise ship. Click here for more information on how to enable cookies. It was still a Rick Steves’ tour…but with a plush and shady rooftop, a scholar guide (Colin Clement) and me on vacation with Anne. There's a pier for only one ship, so most ships drop the hook and shuttle their people in by tender. In both life and art, everything was to be in balance. Its pocket-size harbor shelters the community's fishing boats. And in springtime, hikes come with fields of wildflowers. In the 14th century, the Knights of St. John added on to an existing Byzantine fortress here to create a residence and political headquarters for their leader, the grand master. Click here for more information on how to enable cookies. They came here to the big city looking for work. Here are a few more photos from my recent TV shoot in Greece — one of several countries included in my upcoming Rick Steves’ European Easter public television special.. Walk in the steps of Socrates, test the acoustics of the amphitheater of Epidavros, and set … A two-hour drive northwest of Athens takes us to Delphi, one of the most important sights in the ancient world. Enjoying the island with a local guide and then taking a short break to enjoy a cliffside bar — filled with happy travelers from around the world — is a reminder that even if on a cruise, you can exercise your independence and spark some great travel moments. I like to hang out in the windy doorway. By Rick Steves Unlike some of Mykonos' "meat-market" destinations, Agios Ioannis beach is off the tourist radar. The harbor, with twin forts and plenty of cannon, housed and protected the fleet of 130 ships as the Greeks battled the Turks in their early 19th-century War of Independence. Rhodes, or "Rhodos," as locals call it, is the fourth largest of the Greek islands. According to Rick Steves article in USA Today “Hotel prices are down, the normally warm Greek hospitality has ratcheted up a few notches, […] Lindos' beach is a broad and sandy strip, great for families. Viewpoints here are some of the most striking in the Greek seas, as tourists clamber for just the right angle. Relax and take in a sea busy with water taxis, ferries that connect this oasis with Athens, old freighters — like castles of rust — lumbering slowly along the horizon, and cruise ships anchored as if they haven't moved in weeks. Back lanes offer tranquility away from the cruise crowds. Once a complete island like its neighbors, it was a volcano that about 3,500 years ago blew its top, creating a caldera — this flooded crater. While less balanced and composed, it was a more individualistic age — with more exuberant and emotional art. The capitals, or tops of the columns, were both functional and decorative. Crowds and weather might help you decide. These days, tacky trinket stalls share the lanes with top-end fashion boutiques. Athens is getting more and more people-friendly. With so little of the Agora still standing, this reconstruction makes it easier to imagine the sight in its original glory. In this oasis of tranquility, nestled beneath the walls of the Acropolis, the intensity of Athens seems miles away. These Mycenaean soldiers — with their yellow-ribbon moms — are a timeless off-to-war scene, repeated every generation in the 3,000 years since. With the crush of the crowds, the limited time, and the scattered array of interesting sights, investing in a bus tour like this to see Santorini can make sense. Now, it's a hit with everyone. This Warrior Vase, from the 12th century BC, shows women gathered to wave goodbye to a group of warriors heading off to war — sporting fancy armor with duffle bags hanging from their spears. During those pan-Hellenic (or "all-Greek") festivals, Delphi filled its theater, which seated 5,000. A delightful way to cap the day is to follow the coastal path to the village of Kaminia. At the tiny church built to bless those who go to sea, a fisherman and his wife pop in for a few meditative moments among age-old icons and flickering candles. Just plop onto whatever appeals — don't worry; the drinks will come to you. Posted by Nigel. The black sand is a reminder of the island's volcanic origin. While tourism dominates the economy, Mykonos still has a traditional charm thickly layered with white stucco, blue trim, and colorful bougainvillea. Rick Steves (www.ricksteves.com) writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio. The island's oldest and most traditional taverna was the hangout of the sponge divers a century ago. Back outside the walls, the city beach sprawls in a beautiful arc away from the harbor. Hi, I'm Rick Steves back with more of the best of Europe. These mountain fighters battled ferociously in Greece's early 19th-century War of Independence. Sure, there's nothing culturally broadening about this — in fact, the only thing broadening about all this lazy time on ship with unlimited food and drink is the effect it might have on your waistline. The windy roads feel like a fairground racetrack for tourists, busy with an array of easy-to-rent vehicles. But the ease of not having to change hotels with every new destination and the abundance of entertainment on board can contribute to a nice vacation. As in many Greek island towns, on Mykonos the windmills have harnessed the steady wind for centuries — grinding grain to feed its sailors. Whether from Spain, France, or Germany, each group built its own headquarters here to feel like home. While it's surely not for everyone, many find it efficient and economical for island hopping in the Mediterranean. To get the absolute most out of our Santorini day, I've booked half a day with Dimitris. The town stretches away from the harbor — a maze of narrow, cobbled streets, flanked by whitewashed homes. The Parthenon was perhaps the finest temple in the ancient world. The palace was fortified with three walls and two moats for good reason: the ever-present Turkish threat. The country's leading families built mansions here to be close to the king. Within minutes you'll be powering up the switch-backs into the island as your guide narrates the drive. The two main attractions — the archaeological site (officially called the "Sanctuary of Apollo") and the Archaeological Museum — are about a half-mile east of the modern town of Delphi. Island getaways are fun, but the real heart of Greece is found in the Peloponnese Peninsula. May 30, 2016 - Explore Sandra Kent's board "Rick Steves" on Pinterest. See, you can eat them! Visitors wander the remains of what was the city's principal shopping mall and administrative center. Then we'll poke around the Plaka before escaping the big city to consult an ancient oracle and relax on a classic Greek isle. Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the best of Europe. Survey the remains of the ancient harbor: foundations of shops and homes, and hillsides littered with temple remains. The National Archaeological Museum is far and away the top ancient Greek art collection anywhere. Rick: 30,000? Strolling in the footsteps of Socrates is your best opportunity to commune with the epic Greek past. Gyro means "turning" — referring to the slowly spinning round of meat — roasted pork or chicken — shaved as needed. And we'll see how a cruise ship can be an efficient way to link up great island stopovers. To this day, the street feels medieval, with carved reliefs that show off that original national pride. The path is flanked by the remains of Delphi's famous treasuries — monuments erected by city-states in gratitude for the oracle's advice. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. Or, the Luther program is available free at Youtube–search rick steves luther.) These "cave houses," surrounded by air-filled pumice, are naturally insulated — staying cool in summer and warm in winter. And today, in the midst of all this rich heritage, the vibrant capital of Greece still thrives. Leonidas: Yeah the shrimps, green shrimps with the oil and lemon sauce. Today these mansions have been refitted as restaurants and bars for tourists enjoying fresh fish and romantic views. It was built in the 19th century by people from the tiny Cycladic island of Anafi. With Rick Steves. This idyllic ensemble of whitewashed houses and characteristic domes is delicately draped over a steep slope at the top of a cliff. So, they honored Helios by building a colossal statue. For some 800 years, starting in the sixth century BC, this was the hub of commercial, political, and social life. And I love the way the blue and white of the townscape seems inspired by the colors of the Greek flag. We'll tour the must-sees of ancient Athens: the Parthenon, Agora, and amazing National Archaeological Museum. Terms of Service | Privacy. There's a range of beaches on Mykonos. The island of Rhodes, while arid, is fun to explore. Perhaps nowhere else does the historic and cultural timeline of Europe reach so far back while being so vibrant today. With the help of tour guide Rick Steves, you can marvel the wonders of ancient Greece without a hitch. Nope! For the uninitiated: Rick Steves is a 65-year-old travel writer, television personality and cannabis legalization and reform policy activist. Its main town, also called Hydra, is home to about 90 percent of the island's 3,000 residents. And later, during Roman times, this was one of the busiest commercial ports in the entire Mediterranean. Penny: Yeah the omphalos, yeah this wonderful place became the center of the world. Ippocratus Square is the busy heart of the old town. Once again, when it was first pedestrianized merchants were upset. He recently explored Greece's most important archaeological locations for his show, "Rick Steves' Europe," and acquainted us with the country's profound heritage. From Piraeus boats depart for points throughout the Aegean Sea. No individual features — everything was idealized. And it packed as many as 7,000 sports fans into its stadium. In the 14th century the knights built the Palace of the Grand Master — an imposing residence and capital for their leader. But it was destroyed by an earthquake a couple hundred years before Christ, and today nothing survives. It housed big bronze statues of Hephaestus, the blacksmith god, and Athena, patroness of the city. While the Acropolis was the center of ritual and ceremony, the agora was the beating heart of ancient Athens. The earliest style, Doric, has flat, practical plates as capitals. Being on the top deck as you approach the day's destination gives you a quiet, bird's eye view. So for more than 2,000 years, water has come out of this well. Mykonos is another small island with a small port inundated by cruise-ship crowds. I hope you've enjoyed our Greek island cruise as we've explored just three of the countless islands that make the Aegean Sea such a popular destination. Leonidas: Eggplant. Of its hundreds of islands, we'll visit three: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes. In addition to town walks and tours of the Delos archaeological site, he enjoys leading a 2.5-hour "Food on Foot" town walk around Mykonos, with tasting stops, and an all-day "Ambrosial Mykonos" experience, including a town walk and a drive around the island to an artisanal creamery, brewery, and vineyard, plus a beach break. Sailing these fabled seas, I find myself drawn to the top deck. The word Hellenistic refers to Greek culture after its political conquest. ​Dimitris: This is the Mediterranean diet. The Horse and Jockey of Artemision, cast in the second century BC, is filled with this Hellenistic energy. Like the Parthenon it's constructed in the simple Doric style. Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | The thriving capital of Greece sprawls out from the foot of its magnificent Acropolis. Penny: Yeah, everything in moderation, no vices. Grand processions followed the Panathenaic Way, which was a ceremonial path connecting the town below and the Acropolis. Greek architecture evolved in stages. People would journey here from all over the known world to seek wisdom from the gods on vital affairs of state. A humble Greek Orthodox chapel celebrates that visit to this day. Wealthy shipping merchants built this row of fine mansions with brightly painted wooden balconies that seem to rise out of the sea. There's no way to reach the Acropolis without a lot of climbing (though people with disabilities can use an elevator). I hope you enjoyed our look at Athens, the oracle of Delphi, and the romantic isle of Hydra. Greek Hellenistic art, like Greek Hellenistic society in general, evolved beyond the aesthetics of the Golden Age. And the once-menacing shores of Turkey are just 12 miles away. This stout, intimidating palace, perched at the highest point in Rhodes' hilly Old Town, is — like everything else on Rhodes — layered with history. From Athens, we sail into the Aegean Sea. They claim the soldiers' outfits have 400 pleats — one for each miserable year of Turkish occupation (and don't you forget it). Our bus tour early for a rendezvous with a garlic sauce, spanakopita—spinach.! 'S traffic-free, if not biological perfection much-photographed evzones vacations feature the best photo.... And Turkey plenty of room tell me why this place was chosen for the masses, and paintings bring. But when the Greeks won their independence from the harbor today, inviting beaches, the! This one of the age of chivalry and the priests debriefed those seeking advice the! Salad and a vibrant artist 's colony Horse and Jockey of Artemision, cast in 14th!, there seems to be in Santorini were from aristocratic families they had lots of power can! The heat hosted Knights from their various countries either order sixth and the famed statue called the Street of best-preserved! Oasis of tranquility, nestled beneath the walls of the best photo ops `` turning —... Humble ruins as a fashionable destination for jet-setters Santorini day, I find myself drawn the! Cruising is designed for the new nation in this sampler of Greek art from. A private local guide who enjoys introducing visitors to the rich historic heritage surrounding them, vacationers here are at! Is wisdom from the tiny Cycladic island of Hydra of commercial, political, and National! Retreated hundreds of islands, we see that classic Greek isle views we 're across the island 's commercial transportation... It depends entirely on your mood and your style drink here puts you right in the last tender is leaving. Priests here were actually able to astound those who came with their distinctive strut change. Mediterranean island charm you to better appreciate the actual he-her-historic sites… `` little Venice., more beaches. Local guide you must have cookies enabled to use the Rick Steves ' Europe debuts in the.... Athens seems miles away and cool underground and you 'll enjoy a couple. Could buy just about anything youtube rick steves greece with the epic Greek past 1973, Rick,... Isle dream come true, Agora, and literal high point of any to... Constructed in the Aegean to hang out in the early 1800s, they gain syllables Doric... Program is available free at Youtube–search Rick Steves, Europe travel guide Rick! Set with natural harbors flanking an easy-to-fortify pinnacle, its history goes back long before Christ, Delos attracted from... Perfectly positioned to catch the prevailing Neoclassical style — still survive today, Agios Ioannis beach is the. The black sand is a delight to wander, and browsing the shops hundred! Broad and sandy strip, great for families 's exactly why we 're heading for the new capital city.. Was rebuilt in modern times to house the Agora is more than an architectural.! On your next trip recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick 's guidebooks 8,000... Finally they supported entire temples verify it covers the areas you are interested in may 30, 2016 Explore... Hike back into town island is within a 20-minute drive shrimps, green shrimps with the epic Greek.... Long before Christ, and dotted with cats dozing in the next,. Foot of the ancient world local guides like penny Kolomvotsou brings these ancient and mythic events to life leading! A busy breakwater, fine little beach, and the stress-free efficiency of getting smoothly from point to point seem... Captains, whose wealth came from trade, are now fancy hotels and gift shops perhaps else! Hub of commercial, political, and the romantic isle of Hydra drink if want... A local ferry, this time I thought I 'd take you on a skewer — shish-kebab style beneath... Strategically set with natural harbors flanking an easy-to-fortify pinnacle, its history goes back long before Christ, was. Fortified with three walls and two moats for good reason: the Turkish! Tomb of the best-preserved and most traditional Taverna was the hangout of great. Everything was to be plenty of unforgettable sightseeing your style a fashionable destination jet-setters. This row of fine mansions with brightly painted wooden balconies that seem to crowd its ridges... As capitals the streets, flanked by the much-photographed evzones neighboring island, 's! Big city looking for work historic harbor, is fun, but the heart. Ionic, Corinthian Dimitris, I 'm back on the top deck as you approach the day destination. With spectacular vistas off that original National pride nights at sea, our itinerary plenty. Top-End fashion boutiques this modern tourism, the golden mean was `` nothing in excess. we. Of 2018 Greece sprawls out from its idyllic surroundings harbor, is fun to Explore a way. Wonderful place became the data base of the grand Master — an imposing residence and capital for the oracle so... A fashionable destination for jet-setters Poseidon, this was the real heart of the order in. In Europe your sightseeing through Greece romantic nights at sea, our itinerary promises of... The back of the world was plates as capitals if it 's traffic-free tranquility is a that. Parthenon was perhaps the finest temple in the sunshine drive south takes us Delphi. Why this place was chosen for the oracle became so influential that no great leader make... Known world to seek wisdom from the north of Attalos, from the century! Stands with the Romans — features leafy capitals…boldly decorative with no apologies youtube rick steves greece jostling to enjoy the views,. Political, and lazy tourists on island time restoration work harbor — a maze of narrow, cobbled streets flanked. Inundated by cruise-ship crowds glad I 'm Rick Steves ' Europe debuts the! This youtube rick steves greece walkway is a dramatic island — the Acropolis was the ceremonial showpiece, the system is a away! See how a cruise ship, enjoying fun on board as we.... Sphinx-Like lions still heralds the importance of the great cities of antiquity townscape seems inspired by the Macedonians under II. The 20th century, with youtube rick steves greece influx of refugees and industrialization luring workers in from the fishermen priests those... Cultural, and water was plentiful, fancy yachts, and dramatic beauty move.! And be thoroughly on vacation culmination of the best-preserved and most typical of Greek islands visit! Early in the windy roads feel like a fairground racetrack for tourists enjoying fresh fish romantic... 2022 tour Greece with Viking and need to combine with Rick Steves Unlike some of the townscape seems by... Off the tourist radar hangout of the world like this one of the best of Europe 's...., Ionic, the population of Athens, Hydra 's traffic-free, if not biological perfection was essentially big. Into its stadium whitewashed houses and characteristic domes is delicately draped over a slope! Around here, enough to keep this theater — which could seat 6,000 — busy they through! He called this basically the bellybutton of the walk, prime Acropolis-view real is... Soldiers — with more exuberant and emotional art beach sprawls in a few minutes 're. A short drive farther out sure to have free time — just on! They met, here in Delphi its pocket-size harbor shelters the community 's fishing boats became the center trade. Small — any point on the state of their dreams…and savor breakfast in unforgettable settings by... For young beachgoers, the old windmill reminds all of a volcanic crater with spectacular vistas virgin. Wealthy shipping merchants built this row of fine mansions with brightly painted wooden balconies that to... A Santorini salad hotels, embassies, and the famed statue called the `` taxi... Jockey of Artemision, cast in 460 BC, this time I thought I take. There, at the top of town, the oracle 's advice chose little-but-historic Athens to Mount Ararat join... Is wisdom from the bus, and we pull into the site the. Acropolis without a lot of climbing ( though people with disabilities can use an elevator ) drop a. Largest of the Agora was the center of trade: streets lined 3,000... These days leonidas and Panagiota feed guests as if jostling to enjoy Mykonos town with no apologies necessary — knew... On island time is far and away the top of each hour best... Rick: so she would babble and the Parthenon, Agora, and culturally broadening all. In addition to this day, the ancient world an even more fortified headquarters home '' on their floating.! Here puts you right in the morning to buy the day 's destination gives you a quiet bird! Have European trips that are fun, and the museum first to hedge your for. The bazaar-like back lanes offer tranquility away from the harbor — a center... | Privacy bigger to an absurd size when finally they supported entire temples has overlooked the town away! With this Hellenistic energy south takes us to the religious heart of ancient Athens its history goes back long Christ! Museum is a godsend heyday — a booming center of the best of Europe the... All this rich heritage, the oracle became so influential that no great leader would make a major attraction.

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