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The time and space within the drama had divided into 1998 and 2019, so that the amount of scenes were doubled of the normal drama. [64][65] After it was broadcast on CTV, the episode then uploaded to the official social platform at 00:00 that night. ", she plays as the role of Huang Yu-Hsuan and Chen Yun-Ru this time. In our darkest times, it is important that we turn to God and ask him for help, and to ask him to send his angels to watch over us when we may not know what is going to come next. Hsu was referenced with the movies he'd watched as the template, and revealed that Wang was treat himself as a girl, therefore the pace of walking would be smaller and the manners would be more gentle. The following is a simplified schedule of the drama. There are two eras in the drama, 1998 and 2019 respectively. Rather than she would be treating her role as a "woman", she revealed that she would not treating her role as "a mother" when she was trying to figure out the role. The drama was shown on CTV every Sunday at 10:00 pm, from November 17, 2019 to February 16, 2020,[3] and then it was jointly screened at Star Chinese Channel on every other Saturday. At the careful study with the role, she has been in a sorrow and missed state for a long time when filming, she might felt very uncomfortable sometimes, she went home to read the scripts and follow those characters to produce those emotions. Now the darkness gathers, Stars begin to peep, Birds, and beasts and flowers Soon will be asleep. WikiProject Albums (Rated Stub-class) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Albums, an attempt at building a useful resource on recordings from a variety of genres. Li's role spans from 17 years old to the end of his 30s. It had a stable level in shooting and performance. Shih was lack of performing experience in acting compared with those leading roles, so that he gave a lot of pressure on himself during filming. [70][71] In order to obtain music authorization, the Three Phoenixes Production contacted several record companies, and decided to cooperate with Rolling Stone Records finally, because it had own many classic songs from the 1990s. The segments are broken up into small evocative self-contained word pictures which do not permit the reader to hurry through them searching for a plot, or a definitive conclusion. If you let Ko to act with the imagination first, and perform the projection afterwards, she would thought that was a pity and it will sacrifice those performance from the actress. He remembered that the director had said that it would have a dark side with this character, and it was those part of his memories would be removed from his brain and the fragments of his abnormalities will be deleted. [53][54] iQIYI and Tencent Video from Mainland China listed the show on every Sunday, starting from 22 December at 23:00,[55][56] with each episodes being reviewed by the Mainland media authority and it was split into 26 episodes with several scenes being deleted due to viewing guidelines. [11][12], Filming for "Someday Or One Day" was begun officially on December 27, 2018, and concluded on May 10, 2019, the filming lasted five months. the whole crew were participated in the discussion together according to the progress of the script release after the screenwriters had finished the script. As the protagonists were able to travel through time and space because of their tenacious with seeing each other, so it had the English title as "Someday or One Day", which represents "There is a possibility that one day when the future is the past, and the past is also the future? The audiences can see the purest form of love in him, which is haggle and the simplicity that everyone ever had. The drama was using a flashback approach, they were back to high school days slowly from the age of 29, and they had found out the evidences of their love." Through the long night-watches May Thine angels spread Their white wings above me, Watching round my bed. During the drama, Hsu tried to make the contrast and separation with Li's personality. Now the day is over, Night is drawing nigh, Shadows of the evening Steal across the sky. He mentioned that Wu Bai's "Last Dance", which throughout the drama that played the subtle role of timeline jumping within the plot. [79], After the drama was broadcast in mainland China platform, it had received a good reputation and discussion rate, with scored in high ratings on various media sites. Now the day is over Night is drawing nigh Shadows of the evening Steal across the sky Give to little children Visions sweet of thee Guard the sailors tossing It was produced by Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific and Three Phoenixes Production Co. Ltd.(三鳳製作), and the drama was subsidized by NT$22 million from the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, and produced by Hualien Media International.[2]. Patrick Shih had showed his handsome and sunny side within "Crossover". Now the Day Is Over: Five Years in a New England Boarding School Paperback – June 7, 2016 by Paul Matthews (Author) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. 24 July 2013. . When the interlude "Last Dance" was performed by Wu Bai, the three leading actors were turned into audiences, they were reproduced the classic movement of the song which covering their eyes with their fingers when he sang with the lyrics "So temporarily closed your eyes(所以暫時將妳眼睛閉了起來)". #159 Now the Day Is Over #160 Softly Now the Light of Day #161 The Lord Be with Us #162 Lord, We Come before Thee Now #163 Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing #164 Great God, to Thee My Evening Song #165 Abide with Me; ‘Tis Eventide #166 Abide with Me! Most childrens tunes tend to start on the fifth scale degree (for those of you who would rather use solfege, that is “Sol”), and usually bases most of the tune between the fifth scale degree, and the third scale degree (“Sol,” and “Mi”). Listen to Now The Day Is Over from Tennessee Ernie Ford's Gospel Favorites for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Jian said that he was not persuading the director only with Lin, but it was everyone. [38][39] The press conference of the premiere was held on 15 November the same year, and the 17-minute version of the trailer was firstly released. For the actors, Lin believed that the slender figure of Ko, and her crystal-clear eyes, with her excellent acting skills, which was portrayed the different stages of a girl being woman; Hsu act as brilliant life of a high school student, the youth of college student and the affectionate and steady state of a man; Patrick Shih had interpreted the innocence of high school student and shown up the restrained of a mature men. [81] It had ranked the first at the list of keyword search in Taiwanese search engine Naver after the drama had been aired on cable TV in South Korea. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Now the Day Is Over - The Innocence Mission on AllMusic - 2004 - This is a nice changeup. From the perspective of Jian, the names of the person which used in this drama were real person. The drama as a whole was quite average and error-free under the accommodating of multiple elements and performance. [50] Japan's Family Drama Channel will be broadcast the drama at 2 am JST on every Thursday commencing from 16 July 2020, and the aired version will be split into 26 episodes.[51]. She also believed that the vocabulary used within the drama had been achieved, and the details were stood up for inspection. [76] Satellite TV Chinese Channel re-broadcast it on 22 February 2020, with a ratings of 1.01. The words were exactly the same, only Huang was made up and pieced together slowly. Hsu said that the understanding tacitly and sensibility between actors were became very good. Composer: Joseph Barnby (12 th August, 1838- 28 th January. The text follows a story throughout the whole text, not just in each verse, like we can find in many other hymns. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. [35], Da-her Lin(林鶴軒), who was the best supporting actor of the Taipei Film Awards, by the film "Secrets in The Hot Spring(切小金家的旅館)". [Evening.] [13], Greg Hsu, the finalist for supporting actor of the 52nd Golden Bell Awards for the drama "Have You Ever Fallen in Love, Miss Jiang? The line of "Was that your first day?" [19] The scenes of the drama attracted many fans to visit after the drama was broadcast. Now, if we were to delve deeper into the text, because the hymn is found in the “Evening” portion of the hymnal, it could be referring to when times are getting dark. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Best Leading Actor in a Television Series, Best Leading Actress in a Television Series, "鳳南小隊夜襲三二唱片行! 「重現《想見你》經典合照」柯佳嬿笑虧:陳韻如的蛋糕呢", "【玩咖懶人包】《想見你》7大拍攝景點公開!打工唱片行、百年冰店、談心公園…全都找到了", "《想見你》場景地圖完整版!許光漢告白海灘、曾之喬在這客串...網友敲碗景點美食全曝光", "《想見你》柯佳嬿演活「討喜黃雨萱&討厭陳韻如」!4主演分飾多角,許光漢小表情都不同", "《想見你》太虐!施柏宇悲痛演出讓網友哭成淚海 《想見你》熱潮翻譯數十語言 超過一百個國家看得到". Huang Yu-Xuan regains consciousness—in Yun-Ru's body—and sees a boy called Li Zi-Wei sitting by her hospital bed, who looks exactly the same as her dead boyfriend. Versions of "Now the Day Is Over" include: "Now the Day Is Over" in The Army and Navy Hymnal, 1920Now the Day Is Over" in The Army and Navy Hymnal, 1920 "Now the Day Is Over" in The Lutheran Hymnal, 1941 He said that Wang was the classmate from his elementary school, Mo was the classmate of secondary school, and Li and Chen were his classmate from high school. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Someday or One Day (Chinese: 想見你; pinyin: Xiǎngjiàn Nǐ; lit. Are you ready to be transported into this time-travel mystery drama? Someday or One Day (Chinese: 想見你; pinyin: Xiǎngjiàn Nǐ; lit. The Screenwriter Jian revealed at the screening that he had voted for the alternate actor of the role, and he was passed the audition with fully voted due to his outstanding performance. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Kenny Yen was interpreted vividly with the anti-social personality of a high school student, and the physical and mental physician Hsieh Chih-Chi; Da-her Lin acting alive with the secondary school boy who nonchalant about his family but caring deeply in fact. Now the day is over. The clip was broadcast on CTV on the day of the finale which was on February 16, and then it was aired at Satellite TV Chinese Channel on the other week. Print and download Now the Day Is Over sheet music by Michael Crawford. SKU: MN0026121 Especially in the seventh episode, they didn't feel anything when they wrote, but everyone will think that the world will be destroyed if two souls was met, the audiences had been constrained by the rules of the past TV series, and breaking the framework and create the new game rules that belong to "Someday Or One Day" was thing that what they wanted to do. This was her second time worked with the screenwriter. The producer Chen Zhi-Han said that, compared to the Chinese title, she prefers the English title with "Someday or One Day" more. [84], Wu Bai & China Blue's "Last Dance" was throughout the episode, the song which became very popular after the drama had been aired. The ratings had reached 2.46; The rating of the finale from various channels has reached a new high in the drama, it had ranked first in the same period of rating. [75] In addition, the keyword of "the finale of Someday Or One Day" was the second place at the Google search ranking in Taiwan. At the same time, the pictures with the meaning of sovereignty from Taiwan, such as the passport, flag, identity card, police badge, and maps etc. His role as the physical and mental physician Hsieh Chih-Chi, he had the breakthrough performances with very dark sides, and the director praised him as the next Anthony Wong. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is a large choir of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). [59] In addition, some scenes from the episodes were deleted during the broadcast in mainland China,[59] for example, the kisses of protagonists who were in high school, it had been deleted due to their puppy love; the entire plot of the homosexuality involving Wang had been cut out, retaining only the shots in the sea; the shots of masturbation and cruelty to animals from Hsieh Chih-Chi was deleted too. [95], The drama critic Lin Mei-Ling expressed that "Someday Or One Day" was second to none in terms of the theme of the story, the structure of the script, narrative method and the performance of the actors. Ko, Hsu, Shih and the crew members returned to Tainan specially for the visit of the filming locations after the drama was broadcast. Huang Yu-Xuan eventually learns more about the "traffic accident", shrouded in mystery, that happened to Chen Yun-Ru. [20][21], Ko Chia-yen, the best actress of the 51st Golden Bell Awards for the drama "Marry Me, or Not? Now the day is over, Night is drawing nigh, Shadows of the evening Steal across the sky. Now the Day Is Over. Written in 1865, and printed in the Church Times the same year. The crime captured the attention of the entire nation. He considered that he was dragging down the crew and the actors, and felt everyone were more and more getting into the character's state, but he was standing still stagnantly, he even hiding in the closet to review himself, and he was gradually integrated and get it straight with the help of Ko and Hsu. Now the day is over night is drawing nigh Shadows of the evening steal across the sky Jesus give the weary come in sweet repose With Thy tender blessings may arise be close When the morning awakens then the eye arise Pure and fresh and sinless in the holy … [66], In addition to the easter eggs in the drama, Shi Shi and the band 831, the singers who participated in the songs of the drama, they had released the eggs just before the finale broadcast, they combined with the opening and ending songs into a song named as "Miss You 3000 Someday or One Day". The screenwriters also expressed that they have a lot of dominance of the script, there was no need to make changes or amendments as it followed the requirements from the production completely, so that many wonderful ideas can be retained. At the first production meeting of the TV soundtrack, Chen proposed the idea that a theme song could be presented in English. [1] In addition, a campus premiere was held on 27 September of the same year, with first published of the 3-minute of international edition trailer. The characters of Huang and Chen were substantially different, the former was lively and confident, while the latter was introverted and quiet. [83], "Someday Or One Day" had several peripheral products launched by Shui-Ling Culture & Books, such as photo-books, novels, handbooks, those were all tailor-made for the drama. Each and every line in this tune is either asking God to protect us, or it is praising God for the works that he does to protect us. [32], The actress won the best actress of the 50th Golden Bell Awards from the drama "Angel's Radio", Yen Yi-wen(嚴藝文)was portrayed as Wu Ying-Chan, the mother of Chen Yun-Ru and Chen Ssu-Yuen, and the elder sister of Wu Wen-Lei. Ko said that she was felt heavy often while watching the script during that time, and she would walk around to relax to get rid of Li and Mo, but she didn't expect to see them again while she opened the door. The show was made available on iQIYI Taiwan, LINE TV, myVideo at 00:00 after CTV's first broadcast every Sunday; FOX+ and the Star Chinese Channel from every Saturday after CTV's first broadcast; KKTV would be available at 00:00 every Sunday beginning from 24 November 2019, and Hami Video and CHT MOD were available on every Sunday;[46] myTV SUPER in Hong Kong listed the show on every Sunday starting from 18 November 2019. [2], Another film critic MAPLE believed that the theme design was very unique which combined with fantasy, suspense and romance, instead of two elements were put together, they had put the suspense puzzle solving inside the theme of romance. If you cannot read music, just start the Youtube video and follow along. The production team had broke through the formulation of Taiwanese dramas, and embarking on a new path through the new theme of crossing, and relying on the plot withstand scrutiny, it can even be said to set a milestone for the Taiwanese drama. ", and they criticized the censorship system was an act of "forbidding human nature". The screenwriter Lin would said that there were some special traits within the three main young protagonists, but they're unable to take their traits seriously. Though I do appreciate seeing this text in a deeper sense, when I compare the tune with the text, it seems more like the child-like, lullaby-ish hymn. [49] The drama had been broadcast on J2 channel at 21:35 to 22:35 on every Mondays to Fridays (except Wednesdays), starting from 28 May to 7 July 2020, and then re-broadcast on 03:05, replayed it at 13:00 on the following day of every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and every other Mondays. [29] He described Mo as a blank piece of paper that do not ask for return for the contribution to Chen. He thought that "Someday Or One Day" was a love idol drama that above the standard, it was interesting at the part of mystery, suspense, puzzle solving and romance, it was indeed handled quite well. Full 13 episodes of Someday or One Day will see you on Jan 8th, 2021! [78][46] As of February 2020, there were more than 30 million views accumulated at the Taiwanese OTT platform; On Tencent and iQiyi, the audio-visual platform in mainland China, the number of views had exceeded 700 million times; The total number of clicks on the global legal audiovisual platform was roughly estimated up to 800 million; The overseas copyrights are sold to more than 100 countries and regions, and those were translated into 12 languages, including English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. [69] The songs within are tailored to the drama and interspersed in the drama with many Chinese popular songs from the 1990s, which can fit the mood of the protagonists and also evokes the youth memories of many drama fans. They were announced with surprise that they had filming for the "Easter egg" especially. She felt the song title fits the feeling of time-travel, which "Someday" represents a day in the future, and "One Day" represent now or a day in the past. Jesus, give the weary Calm and sweet repose; With Thy tend'rest blessing May mine eyelids close. The screenwriter Jian also revealed the reason for choosing Hsu that was originally proposed by the producer Ma, to let the leading role play by the newcomer Hsu, and he said that he had felt the charm of him when he previously worked with Hsu, and praised him as the best of Wang Chuan-Sheng and Li Tzu-Wei. S. Baring-Gould. Nowadays definition, at the present day; in these times: Few people do their laundry by hand nowadays. According to the statistics of the TV channel, a total of 6.07 million people had watched the drama through TV channels across Taiwan since the beginning of broadcast. However, the actual scene settings were too difficult to present, he decided to use a white curtain combined with motionless photos and dynamic projection for presentation therefore; He explained that the scene of the atrium was concentrated on the last three days of filming, because it was required a lot of material, and these contents need to be filmed earlier to made those can be presented. The drama was repackaged in simplified Chinese when the streaming platforms of Mainland China began to air simultaneously with Taiwan after the fifth episode had been broadcast. Wonderfully recounted. The screenwriter Jian continued that people seems to think that everyone should be brave and not being hurt, however, this was a very important feelings of everyone. [60][61], On February 10, 2020, some netizens found that the there had several discussions openly with the un-broadcast endings were leaked by the forum of Mainland China. The bad thing was just a process, it won't be rain forever and the sunshine will come in the end. Actors were arranged their schedules in particular, they woke up early with freshen up and make up for the shooting, and devoted efforts put into it. He also shared the most difficult part of the scenes that, there had a scene where he felt his neck was being pinched by an "invisible power", and it was stopping him to spoke the lines. [80] There were more than 6 billion readings on the topic of "Someday Or One Day" at Sina Weibo. [23] She said that she didn't have a sense of reality at the moment of last day of filming. The producer Ma revealed that she had seen him many years ago, just before not yet he performed at the Qseries(植劇場), and she had saw many traits of him, she thought that he got a special temperament that other actors do not have, something both good and evil, very clean, and he made people to feel that he had an old soul inside, but he would not be too sophisticated. MAPLE believes that his performance in this drama also impressed him. [8] In addition, they mentioned that although the plot was gradually pieced together from a broken time and space, although their thoughts were very clear when they wrote the scripts. Regarding the performance of the actor, he said that Hsu had a good tacit understanding with the director Huang since they had worked in the "Attention, Love!". Satellite TV Chinese Channel, which is re-broadcast at the following week, it also set a new record of high ratings for 11 years in their same air-time period. [48] The Star Chinese Channel was re-broadcast the drama at 10 pm on every Saturday from 16 May 2020, and re-broadcast on the next day (Sunday) at 2 pm and 8 pm. The Möbius ring was the way he wanted to perform most, to let Chen meander back and forth inside and unable to get out of it, and she was always surrounded by those images. 'Want to See You') is a 2019 Taiwanese TV drama,[1] which was directed by Huang Tien-jen(黃天仁) and starred by Ko Chia-yen, Greg Hsu, Patrick Shih and Kenny Yen as the main role. [52] The C-POP TV from Japan commenced broadcast from 6 December 2019, with each of the original 13 episodes being split into 26 episodes. She believes that "Someday Or One Day" was the successor of another drama "The World Between Us", that was a high scores regardless of the aspects in terms of drama structure, overall completeness, and the performance of actors. The 5,000 copies of the first edition pre-ordered had been sold out upon it was launched, therefore 5,000 additional copies were printed. 37+. 1. She believes that this song not only represents the entire drama, it also a portrayal of the mood of heroine. However, he believed that she got lightly laborious at the part of interpreting of high school student Chen Yun-Ru, leading the sparks of the hero and heroine in high school on and off throughout the drama, there was the deficiencies he pointed out. The producer Ma Yi-Ting said that she decided to build a house with white curtains combined with the static photos and dynamic projection after many discussions, and they found a VJ team that specially organized the concert to fit with the images. The character of Mo was requires further subtext, he was relatively depressed outwardly, but he was actually covered by more sensitive and darker waves of thinking than his actual age. The actor was shortlisted for the Golden Bell Award by the Taiwanese movie "Upstream" and a student showcase named as "One step away(一步之遙)" which was broadcast on public television. Now the day is over by Mary Joslin, Liz Pichon, 2000, Augsburg Fortress Publishers edition, in English - North American ed. [46] CTi Entertainment was aired on every Sunday night at 22:00, starting from 1 March 2020, and re-broadcast on every other Saturday. Some fragments of this broadcast version had been cut away and split into 21 episodes, 60 minutes (including advertisement) per episode of show time. He stated that he was being moved deeply when he was reading the scripts and filming officially. [14] Regarding the atrium that presenting Chen's, the art director had proposed with several proposals, while the director proposed to build an atrium with a Möbius ring to symbolize the endless and circulation. However, having said that it does what it sets out to do and in a charming and disarming manner. At the same time, Wang Quan-Sheng also has a chance to travel back to the past, as he seeks to fall in love with Huang Yu-Xuan once again. The album is available for streaming on music streaming platforms Spotify, KKBOX, Apple Music and YouTube Music.[72]. [4], The screenwriters Jian and Lin were tacit partner who were worked together for many years, they were the finalist of the "Award for Drama Screenwriter" in the "Golden Bell Awards", by the drama "Ex-boyfriend" and "Marry Me, or Not?". [10], The drama was originally titled with "Read but ignored(已讀不回)", and it was changed subsequently to "Love, Read but ignored(愛,已讀不回)". Director and the producer Ma Yi-Ting were attached great importance to the sense of life with the scene, the director was required those props to be "moved" in the scene, which the position of the items cannot be same as it showed every-time. [33][34], Chang Han(張翰), who was portrayed as the younger brother of Wu Ying-Chan and the uncle of Chen Yun-Ru and Chen Si-Yuen. The script was using "Want to see you(想見你)" as the subtitle in Chinese, and finally uses it as the official title. The album features one original song, "My Love Goes With You", as well as two songs which are reprised from earlier Innocence Mission releases - "Moon River" from the 1999 EP The Lakes Of … The publisher revealed that, the prepaid royalties of authorized novels, photobooks, handbooks amounted to approximately 2 million TWD. [9] About the conception of the character names in the drama, Jian said that he would like to take the names from those around him, and Lin would like to use those homophonic names. [89], The film critic "Bird(雀雀)" was highly praised after reviewing the complete works with the screening. ", and the meaning of "I want to see you, not only on a certain day, it is from the past to the future, and from the future to the past". Taken skin deep, this hymn can be seen as a lullaby for children, or even for someone who is saying evening prayers. [22] She revealed that the drama was a relatively hard work she had filmed since her career. Here is another hymn for the common times! "CATCHPLAY+ Singapore on Instagram "One of the top rated Taiwanese drama on Douban and the biggest winner at the 2020 Golden Bell Awards, "Someday or One Day" has become a hit show across Asia for its mind-bending and highly addicted plot. [41] The finale was originally selected to be watched with the audiencea together with the actors in the cinema, however it was canceled due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic,[42] and the live broadcast was changed to broadcast proceed on Taiwanese Yahoo. Trapped in what appears to be the past, living another person's life, in various mysteries of time and space, Huang Yu-Xuan tries to change the fate of Chen Yun-Ru from both the past and the future. Beautiful hymn! Michael Crawford. She also encourages people with the same experience to feel the changes in their mood. Jesus, give the weary Calm and sweet repose; With Thy tenderest blessing May mine eyelids close. This hymn is very interesting to me. She stated that she did not expect the proposal would come true when she proposed, and she did not expect Sun Sheng Xi would be done finally. While heading home, she falls asleep as she listens to the cassette tape in the Walkman. Lin said that there had not existed the problem of the sense of discomfort for inverse performance of age at the drama, she was also thought that the success of the drama was credited to having great scripts and excellent actors.

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